Surveying, Plats, Purchase Agreements, Closing, Etc.

For every site there is an ideal use. For every use there is an ideal site. ~John Ormsbee Simonds

It was a whirlwind of activity after the land was purchased. Mainly for Jim. He surveyed the whole 25+ acres and drew up all the necessary documents and filed all the necessary paperwork to divide this property up the way the three families wanted it. I have a whole folder of emails sharing information back and forth until the closing on November 17. It was determined that Bill and I did not have to attend the closing and were able to overnight all our documents along with our certified check to pay for our new property. Doing that saved us another day off work since it was a Monday morning closing.

Even after the closing, there was more to be done. Poor Jim. There was septic system soil testing in December, deed had to be created to separate our land from Jim and Jill’s, lake covenants written and recorded, and on and on. Sometime in March of 2009, we had everything set. And, of course, taxes were due on the new property! 🙂 Our 2-1/2 acre lot ended up looking like this:

Our lot

Spring of 2009 brought a new life not only to the property but to all three families. Jill & Jim decided to put their house on the market in April of 2009 – right smack in the middle of the recession. And we made several trips down to just explore and enjoy our new property with Jill/Jim and the grandkids and Jim’s parents. We enjoyed fishing, cookouts, watching the kids climb trees, scoping out a place for Bill to build a tree-house for the grandkids, finding blackberries, and cutting grass.

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IMG_5473 DSC06256

As the year went on, unfortunately, Jill and Jim’s home did not sell and they took it off the market for the winter after a six-month run. During that time they worked on drawing up plans for their new home on the hill. In summer of 2009, there were some changes happening to what we were fondly calling “our family compound.” The changes happened on Jim’s parents’ property. They decided to demolish the old house on the property and started work on updating the lake house.

In the meantime, I searched every Internet site I could find to look at one-story house plans. I purchased tons of books on building homes, designing kitchens and baths, and every Sarah Susanka book she wrote about the Not So Big House (thanks to Jill introducing her philosophy to me). We were still several years away from building, but I’m a planner and it was never too soon to start.

IMG_5484The grandkids explored the property every time their parents or grandparents drove out there. There wasn’t much else to do except explore at that time. This was different from their life living in a subdivision with friends next door or across the street. Megan is the adventurous one of the two. Soon they named one area of the creek that runs through their property Junk Creek. Wonder why?

Bill did his share at the compound at the end of 2009 by making and installing an aerator for the lake in hopes of improving the quality of the water.

SAM_0159 SAM_0162

And as if that wasn’t enough for one year, Bill decided he wanted to build all the cabinets for our new home. 😯 Since he had never made cabinets before he thought he would re-face and build a new cabinet for our present kitchen. We purchased cherry wood for our updated look and mahogany wood for our future home cabinets. That whole process brought about a lot of firsts for Bill and lots of new tools. It brought a lot of frustration for me. I worked hard that whole year on patience. I’m not sure how successful I was in that endeavor. 🙄

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