Let the building begin!

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. ~Anatole France

2010 was the start of new beginnings for all three families. Where most of the excitement, trials and tribulations involved Jim and Jill and Jim’s parents, Bill and I, you might say, listened and learned.

Jill & Jim ended up putting a For Sale by Owner sign in their yard sometime after the first of the year – might have been February. They thought they’d give it a try before listing it again with a realtor in the spring. Turns out they ended up selling it! Perfect! After finalizing all the details of the sale and when they needed to move, their craziness began. Were the house plans and all the specification documents up to date to send out bids? When would they start building the new place and how long would it take? Where would they live? Where would they store all their furniture and belongings? Decisions, decisions! All of these are in our future and I have to admit I’m not looking forward to some of it at all.

Turns out that the first thing that Jill and Jim had to get going was to dig a driveway all the way back to where the house was to be built. A very long driveway. A 1/4 mile long driveway! They had envisioned a picturesque “over the hills and through the woods” type of driveway where you could see their home up on the hill as you drove up to it. Unfortunately, that driveway became a thorn in their side. 😦

Spring 2010 ended up being a wet time to dig a driveway. There were many many delays and lots and lots of rock to be laid. While waiting for the driveway to get done, Jill & Jim ended up moving into a  large rental home. It was a great place which had an extra bedroom and bath for guests and a large swimming pool, too! I ended up spending a couple of weeks down there that summer. The one drawback about renting this house was they were putting it on the market, which meant J&J would have to allow for house showings and risk having to move again if the house sold.

While J&J were having their driveway dug out, we decided to have some trees removed on our property down by the lake since they were blocking our view. In addition, we had them take some of the ground from the driveway and had it added to our yard to help with leveling the slope of our property. Another big thing was having drainage pipes installed all along the front of the property by the road to get rid of the big ditch.

By the first of June, Jim and Jill’s house started to take form. Jim’s parents began building their home sometime that summer, too. I was glad I spent two weeks down there that summer so I could see how much took place in a short period. Here are pictures from June and July, 2010.

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Not only were things happening down at the new property that summer, but some things were going on at our present home, too. One project was exciting at home, the other was not. 😯

4 thoughts on “Let the building begin!

  1. …Sandy, our retirement dream song is one I give to you and Bill…”the long and winding road…that leads to your door.” great blog! Love and blessings on the works of your hands, my sister. Paula number 4

  2. You are doing a great job on this Blog — It’s a great way to inform all those who wish to know what’s going on (like me:))

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