Well Well, That’s a deep subject!

Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream. Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success. Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity for success. Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dream. ~Lao Tzu (Chinese Philosopher)

Bill had been doing some research for some time about drilling for a well in the area of our property. There are not many wells in that area. There is a lot of farm land around our property. And, it appears that we are on the very edge of an aquafer. All the water experts that Jim and Jill and Jim’s parents (from here on known as Jim, Sr. and Joan) talked to told them that the best access for water on our properties was to pump fromaquifer_types our lake. There are fish in that lake! How could I bathe in that water let alone drink it? 😯 The other alternative was to install a cistern and haul water every week or so. Hmmmmm. The lake water is free. Hauled water costs money.

Those two families went with the first choice and are presently pumping water from the lake and having it filtered with some pretty hefty filtering systems and filters. But it wasn’t easy getting to the clear water they have now. I think they went through at least two different filters before finding the one they now use – some micron sediment filter. One of the filters clogged up within one hour of the water being turned on. Yikes! I have to admit I do not know a lot about the water filtering system that the families are using. I do know that it has its challenges. Sometimes you have to wait a few minutes between people taking showers for water pressure. The system works fine for Jill and Jim. I’m not sure it is Jim, Sr. and Joan’s preference.

wellDiagramBill and I have a well at our present home. I don’t particularly care for the taste of our well water even with our osmosis filter. But, the water is free and clear. Other than that, we’ve been pleased with our well and pump over the years we’ve lived here. Bill contacted a well drilling company in southern Indiana. After several phone calls and emails, we decided to meet with a rep from the company on Saturday, January 26, down at the property.

We met with the owner of the well drilling company and discussed the possibility of finding water. He said it was guesswork. We wished Bill’s Uncle Bill was still alive. He was a plumber by trade and Bill said he could always find the right spot to drill for water. It is a scary thing to risk paying that much money whether you hit water or a dry spot. Bill wanted to take the risk and that is what we have decided to do. The day after Bill retires, we are driving down to Jim and Jill’s for a long weekend. We are going to drill for water on Monday, April 1. We may be fools to try drilling, but maybe not. πŸ™‚ Bill is going to get a fresh willow or crabapple branch and channel his Uncle Bill. Hopefully he will find the right spot to dig for water. If you want to know what I’m talking about, Google Y rod. Do I believe this will work? I don’t know, but the well driller said we were welcome to hire a dowser to find where they should drill. Bill is free. I trust his instincts. But, I’ll be praying for guidance from above.

Another purpose for the January trip was to spend time with Jim going over our house plan corrections/deletions/changes. It’s ever changing! But, we’ve been told it is better to get all the changes done on paper prior to building to eliminate change orders and the high costs associated with them. The last visit Jill had helped me rearrange the hall bathroom in my 3D software, but I had never had Jim change it on our official plans. To cut back on costs, we decided to eliminate using beams in our gables and took off the stone on both sides of the house. There were some minor changes and there was one big one.

Have you ever visualized something in your head and then when you see the real thing it isn’t anything like what you envisioned? As I’ve said before, I have lived and breathed these house plans because I created them in the 3D software. I’m always checking this or that and comparing what is on our software matches what Jim draws up in AutoCad. I always knew that the vault in the family room was west to east. However, looking at the floor plan, you cannot tell which way the vault goes. You could figure it out by looking at the roof lines, but just in the flat floor plan you wouldn’t know.

Here is a picture of the inspiration photo I had been using for the vaulted ceiling beams.

family room ceiling idea

Notice that the vault is going north/south – not west/east. That made no difference to me because I knew which way the vault was suppose to go. However, since Bill had seen this picture over and over again for months, he always visualized the family room vault to look just like the photo. While I was showing Bill some more inspiration photos one day he said, “Wait a minute! That’s not the way I ever envisioned the family room to look!” 😯 Oh my! Now, what should we do? We discussed whether this was a deal breaker or not for either of us. Bill wanted the vault changed. But, if we made that change, we should move the fireplace from the east interior wall to the north exterior wall. And, if we do that, we need to get rid of the sunroom which was north of the family room. This was a domino effect. 😦 I pulled out the laptop and started changing things to see what it looked like in the 3D software. This was a very big change!

I found two inspiration photos. In the first photo below, I didn’t think we would have room to put two doors on each side of the fireplace. We liked having some higher windows, but wasn’t sure if that was possible if we were using a gable there. Love the wood on the ceiling, but we need to cut that out. No budget for that.

Family Room with Fireplace along exterior wall

Family Room with Fireplace along exterior wall

This second photo is strictly an inspiration photo of the ceiling beams we want.

Family Room Ceiling example

Family Room Ceiling example

Jim was able to make the vault change. As with any change, it brought more questions and decisions. Gulp! Did we want to give up the sunroom and enlarge the family room. (Yes, that would work.) How about putting windows on each side of the fireplace instead of the doors in the inspiration photo. (Ah, yes! These could be window seats Bill can build.) Did we like the new exterior look with the roof-line changes? (Looked fine with us!) Where would we put the exterior door since we did not have room for it in the family room? (We put the sliding glass door in the dining area.) The biggest decision with the change was that we would need a very long structural beam between the family room and kitchen/dining areas. Jim told us that would definitely cost us more. (We decided to go with the large beam.)

Here is a pic of the floor plans and the north/south elevation plans with the changes. Jim got them done for us at the end of February.

February 2013 floor plans

February 2013 floor plans

North/South Elevation Plans

North/South Elevation Plans

With these changes, we said we were done. We would concentrate on getting our present home ready to put on the market and getting Bill retired. In the next post I’ll share how we struggled with all three of those.

5 thoughts on “Well Well, That’s a deep subject!

  1. I’ll try this again — I remarked about the major changes you are about to embark on in the next two weeks — Wow — very exciting!
    I do know of the Dowsers and their incredible abilities — folks up at our Lake use them and they are very good. I did not know Cousin Billy had such a talent — it could be a whole new profitable hobby for him in retirement. I would probably feel the same way about the Lake, although I thought it was an underground Spring with abundant water? We have a shared well up North, but are not terribly happy with it and also have a filtering system to help and sometimes it is loaded with sediment.
    I love your Blog and look forward to more!

    • I got the second-try comment, Arlene.

      Well, we don’t know if Cousin Billy has the dowser talent, but he’s gonna try! πŸ™‚ We thought at one time there could be a spring somewhere on Jill and Jim’s property, but it has never been confirmed. From what we know the “lake” on our property was man-made. But, it has held its water level very well even during the drought last year.

      I’m trying to get another post done and get somewhat current before we get busier than we already are.

      Thanks for reading!

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