One for the Market, Two for the Show . . .

Philippians 4-13

I recited Philippians 4:13 every morning since January 1. But, I started praying it all day long once we went into high gear getting the house ready to put on the market. Bill and I needed as much strength as we could muster to finish the long list we had to tackle after meeting with the house stager.

At first I thought the list was daunting. But, each day I crossed off more and more items. I worked on whatever I could in the interior. Shrink wrap became my new friend when packing up stuff. 🙂 Bill alternated between cleaning the pole barn/making room to store our garage full of new house items and doing the many items on his list.

Here’s just a sampling of the 6 page list we had.

Sample of the To Do List

Sample of the To Do List

We had many exhausting days and evenings. In fact, one day Bill said he had never seen me work that hard. I quickly said, “Excuse me! What do you think I’ve done for over a year de-cluttering this place?” 😡 He laughed and said, “No I meant all this physically challenging work.” And, he was right. 🙂 My brain thought I was still in my 40s. My body sure reminded me that I was not. Bill lived on Aleve. I lived on Extra Strength Tylenol. The goal was to put the house on the market before I went down to Jill and Jim’s on April 21st.

Jill was going to Africa for her business, Karama. I was going to be down at their house for two weeks taking care of the grandkids and chauffeuring them to and from the bus stop each day and taking them to after-school activities. Anyways, I wanted to get the house ready for market and not worry about it when I was down at J&J’s. As the time got closer to April 21, I decided to just wait and list the house on Monday, May 6, after I returned into town. That way Bill would not have to worry about keeping the house spotless and have to leave on a whim’s notice if we had showings. Plus, I have a little control issue that I think I keep the house cleaner than Bill. 😉

I won’t bore you with everything we did on our to-do list, but here are some photos to show some of the progress we made.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If I never paint again, I’ll be happy. Bill probably feels the same way. I did all the interior painting (except the fireplace) and Bill did all the exterior. I was very frustrated with our roofer who never came back to caulk the areas they didn’t caulk and re-paint. So guess who got up on the roof and spent most of one day up there caulking, priming and painting? Not me!!! But, Bill did. He will tell you that I hate him getting on the roof. I get especially anxious while he is on the roof. Scares me. 😯 So, to keep me occupied in-between holding the ladder when he climbed up and down, I decided to clean the garage. I was close by if he needed me, but not staring up at him praying every second. The garage never looked so good. I even vacuumed the floor. And, the best outcome . . . I got to park my car back in the garage after having it outside for months.

So, to update you, we have finished the house. It’s as ready as it is going to be. Our realtor is coming in the morning. His assistant took interior, pole barn, and pictures of the back exterior before I went down to Jill and Jim’s. She was supposed to have come back and taken pictures of the front exterior last week. Our realtor, Mike Puckett, is coming tomorrow morning to have us sign the contract. We’ve already filled out the disclosure form and given them all the other stuff they needed a couple of weeks ago. Mike is supposed to put the For Sale sign in our yard tomorrow and we should be up on the MLS tomorrow evening or Tuesday. Yay!!!

Now, some news on the new home front . . .

We struck water with the well drilling!!!!!!! We are so excited! And, it was in the spot where Bill’s willow rod went down. It is a slower producing well, but it’s plenty of water with deep storage in the well casing and the water is clear and the sodium taste can be filtered out with a reverse osmosis system. Here are some pics.

In addition to everything else that’s been going on in the last three weeks, Bill and I checked another thing off our new house list. We purchased our remaining appliances. We said we were not going to buy them until after we started building . . . but, famous last words. 🙄 Turned out Sears had a one-day sale of their Kenmore Elite appliances for a minimum of 30% off. We had never looked at Kenmore Elite stuff. So, I checked Consumer Reports and they were rated up there with the LG appliances I “thought” we were going to buy. We initially went to go look at their trash compactor as we said we thought it would be small enough to move. But, after checking out the appliances, taking a lunch break to think it over, and me praying about it, we bought them all. We got more off by opening a Sears charge card (which we will pay off as soon as we get the bill) and by having a Sears/K-Mart Rewards card, we racked up another $50 savings by buying some appliances first and then applying the $50 toward another appliance. We had a terrific saleswoman. So knowledgeable about all the products and how to save. And, the best part . . . they will hold the appliances and deliver down to our new place when we schedule it. We don’t have to move them!

We ended up getting a refrigerator with two bottom freezer drawers, washer, gas dryer, two pedestals, trash compactor, and an upright freezer. And, it turns out that LG makes the Kenmore Elite appliances! So, I have the same look I was going for, but actually liked some of the Kenmore Elite features better.

Next up: We got great news at the end of last week about our new build. Can’t wait to share it with you.

6 thoughts on “One for the Market, Two for the Show . . .

  1. Sandy and Bill…your work ethic is monstrous! How wonderful that you both are able to work together and check off items on your list. I am in awe of you and wish you the St. Joseph—home prayer for houses on the market…”rub-a-dub…please help us scrub and sell this space with charm and GRACE!”…composed and recited this Sunday after 5:00pm by your sister with
    … Love, Paula

    • Paula, you are hilarious! I love your version of the house-selling prayer. 🙂 And, thank you for praying it! We will need all the prayers we can get.

  2. It’s true! you and Bill are awesome. I refuse to show Mike pictures of your pole barn because he already has 1+ bay of the 3 car garage for his shop….. he will be drooling….

    • Awww, thanks, Kathy. Why do you think we bought this place in the first place? It was the pole barn. Bill saw it and we never looked back. 🙂 With the new place I’ll have my dream house and Bill will have his dream pole barn.

    • It was a lot of work, Robyn. But, if it doesn’t kill you, I guess it makes you stronger. Now, it’s just maintaining it while the house is on the market.

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