First Week on the Market

I believe in intuitions and inspirations…I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am. ~Albert Einstein

Our house has been on the market for one week. We have had four showings. Two showings on Friday, May 10; one on Saturday, May 11; and one on Monday, May 13. All-in-all, we are pleased with the quick traffic. And, so is our realtor. I guess, I feared we’d be sitting here just waiting for someone to come see our place and to appreciate the setting. The great news is . . . we have a second showing on Thursday! 🙂

We have a large group of people praying for the sale of our home. In addition, Bill affirmed his Catholicism and purchased a St. Joseph’s “sell-your-home” kit online. Yes, he did! 🙄 And, he buried that St. Joseph’s statue in our back yard. I told him I only believed in the power of prayer and that he really needed to pray about this. He says he’s praying every day. I, however, pray daily that God will guide the right buyer to us who will appreciate this home and be good neighbors to those on our county road.

Why is it we tend to let the negative comments rise to the top of our thoughts instead of the positive ones? Honestly, I think I’m a very positive person. I don’t feel like a Pollyanna, but try to surround myself with positive people and energy versus negative ones. But, now and then, I slip. I guess that’s what happened when we got realtor feedback from the four showings. I was extremely pleased with the first three reports from Friday’s and Saturday’s showings. I was fine that the buyers were not interested in our home for various reasons. I was happy because the realtors reported that our house was nice. I guess that was important to me.

Here is a snapshot of the report on the first three showings:

Feedback from Realtors

Feedback from Realtors

Now, fast forward to Monday’s showing. Yesterday morning I got the realtor’s feedback:

Monday's Realtor's Feedback

Monday’s Realtor’s Feedback

Do you know what bothered me the most about the feedback? It was “Condition is okay.” 😥 Really? The house was sparkling inside and out that day. What do you mean, condition okay? Bill laughed at me. I felt it was a personal attack on how I kept the house. Silly, right? Most people would be concerned about the second part of the feedback. The part about not finding comps to justify listing price. However, I couldn’t worry about that since our realtor did all the comparisons before we listed it. And, we saw them. I’m not a realtor and don’t pretend to be one. That is why we listed this house and didn’t try selling it by owner. Granted, we know the price for square footage is a little higher when you only consider the house alone on this listing. However, you have to also count the acreage and pole barn to justify our listing price.

So, yesterday I was taken back with the feedback. I said it didn’t bother me, but it did. So, I began praying that God would send us someone who would appreciate the place. And, I started to feel a lot better and kept reminding myself that the house had only been on the market for one week. The housing market is picking up around this area – but it has not gone crazy with people flooding to see places and sellers getting multiple offers. At least not out in our area.

I have to confess that Bill is kind of freaking me out with his “intuitions/predictions.” He’s always had a sixth sense. Sometimes I laugh about it. But, I try not to discount it. On Sunday (Mother’s Day) he told me he felt we would have a showing on Monday. But our realtor had told us that Mother’s Day was a slow day for real estate and showings. Therefore, I did not expect to get a phone call and we did not. Our realtor has us set up with Centralized Showing Service. They call us to confirm showing times. For the first three showings we received calls the day before.

Monday morning the phone rings and Bill just happens to be by me and we see Central Show on the caller ID. We both start laughing and I pick up the phone. It was a request to show the house Monday evening and we accepted. Well, that is all it took for Bill to now believe he is a bit psychic. Yesterday after receiving Monday’s showing feedback, he tells me that he “feels” we will either get a phone call on Thursday OR we will have a showing on Thursday. 🙄 Needless to say, I was totally surprised when we got a call that the people who came on Monday evening want to come back for a second showing on Thursday evening. 😯

I find this house selling stuff unpredictable. We will see what happens. Maybe the people had a change of heart. Or maybe they might give a low-ball offer. Or maybe they want to just take another look. Don’t know. But, it is exciting to have a second showing this early.

The hardest part about these showings has been dealing with our dog Goldie. Poor thing, she’s old – 16 years old. She’s having problems with her back legs. We can empathize with her. We have problems with our legs and knees and shoulders and hands – well, we’re old, too! 😕 The first two showings we decided to take the truck and had a really hard time getting her in and out of it. She doesn’t have the jumping power she once had and she doesn’t want us to help her. In fact, she was upset with us after the first showing and after jumping out of the back seat of the truck, she ran away from Bill a couple of houses down the road. I finally got her to come to me in the garage. But, when I tried to wipe her feet before coming into the house, she nipped me. She’s never done that before! Since then, we’ve taken her in my car which sits really low to the ground. This is the position she would rather stay in instead of leaving the house for showings:



Oh, how I dread how she will deal with our move.

Bill is trying to make cabinets in-between cleaning the pole barn before showings. He is presently using some new dove-tail equipment/technique on the drawers. He made the first of the kitchen cabinet drawers. He said this new system will be so much faster than what he used on the laundry/pantry cabinets. But, the man is turning into a perfectionist. He plans to re-make the first drawer he made because he said it would bug him the rest of his life if he didn’t change how it looks. The drawer front isn’t on the drawer, but it looks fine with me. He says what is wrong has to do with seeing the dove-tail joinery on the side versus the front. So, I guess he’ll be remaking this drawer.

First drawer

First drawer

To brag on Bill’s talent a bit more, here is a picture of the cutting board he made me for Mother’s Day. I think I’ll be displaying this in my dining room cabinets some day instead of using it. It’s too pretty to use it! 🙂

Cutting board

Cutting board

I better get busy with my daily quick house cleaning schedule. I have to cut grass today. We’ve cut the grass twice a week to keep it looking nice.

And, about any future showings, Bill said he’s not feeling anything now. 😉 Wonder if that means we’ll get an offer from the second showing?

One thought on “First Week on the Market

  1. O my dear brother Bill…you and Joe are inspired from above by both of your Mothers. St. Joseph Kit works. Sandy…stay positive and all is well! Love, Paula

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